Super 6: A Super Exciting Online Casino Game

Super 6 is a famous variant of Baccarat, with many people playing this game in different parts of the world. This Baccarat variation is also popular in online casino sites, such as TS911 ออนไลน์.

The bets

There are three types of bets for this game:

  • Banker Bet (Banco)
  • Player Bet (Punto)
  • Tie Bet (Egalite)

The points

Super 6 is a game played with six decks. Like the traditional Baccarat, all Aces have a value of 1 point. The value of 10 is 0, and the numbers two up to nine have their face value. For example, the “2” card has a value of 2 points, while the “9” card has a value of 9 points.

When calculating the total value, you only have to count the last digit of the sum of the two cards each player has. For example, if you have 8 and 5, the total is 13. Since you only count the last digit, your score or the total value of your card is 3.


The game

Players have to choose their bets to start the game. You can select Tie, Player, or Banker. Both Banker and Player pay out the same amount as your bet or 1:1. In Super 6, if the Banker wins with 6, it only pays out 1:2 or 50 percent. The payout for Ties is 8:1. The goal of Super 6 is to predict whose hand value will get closer to 9 points.

The third-card rule

If either the Banker’s or Player’s first two cards have a total of 8 or 9, there is no need to draw extra cards. This outcome is a “Natural,” and the hand is over. If the Player’s total hand value is less than 5, he or she can draw a third card. He or she can also choose not to get a third card. In that case, the Banker’s hand will stand with a six or higher, and if the total is five or less, the Banker gets a third card.

Super 6 side bet

Super 6 offers a side bet as insurance. By taking the side bet, you are betting that the Banker will win with 6 points. If this succeeds, it pays out a fantastic 12:1.

Dragon bonus side bet

Another side bet which pays if the hand is a Natural winner, it also wins if the winning hands lead by at least 4 points. Natural winners pay an even amount for the Dragon Bonus bet. For non-Natural winners, if they win with at least a 4-point lead, they get an even payout. If it has a wider margin of victory, there will be a much higher payout.