The most common mistakes in bookmakers’ bets and how to avoid them

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This guide contains two basic elements: indicating the least profitable types of bets together with look at the most common mistakes made by players, as well as tips on how to make profitable sports bets. Thanks to this knowledge, the effects of your game should increase, especially if you are just starting your adventure with betting. However, if you’re looking for mistakes that bookmakers sportsbook make, we’ve written a separate article about this on this web site we have prepared for you several articles that are beneficial for betting. You are reading one of them. If you are looking for a specific bookmaking term, take a look at our bookmaker’s dictionary, where you will find lots of less and more well-known passwords needed in the bookmaker. You now have a list of the most common mistakes made in bookmakers’ bets. But we’ve also prepared a text on how to bet effectively. And for relaxation, something fun – we’ve selected the best bookmaker ads for you.



Almost every player at least once in their life has made a battery in the hope that the combination of bets with high odds, including several rather safe options, is a recipe for success. This is usually done by Sunday players who load their account and bet for PLN 50 on Friday evening, dreaming sportsbook ¬†that before the weekend is over, they will be rich. The truth is that accumulated bets are one of the main sources of bookmakers’ revenues and that alone tells you how poor they are for players. As you can see, the coupon shows many bets with a promising odds of 38.40, which means that the refund will be 384 PLN for 10 PLN that has been placed. But it just so happens that the chances of a completely winning coupon consisting of so many bets are around 3%. The more markets, the less chance of success. Assembling the battery is similar to trying to win the lottery. If you’re looking for a jackpot return, accumulated bets are actually for you. But if you want to keep money in your pocket, avoid these bets better, and here are two main reasons why:

The same is true for another case: many players have a maximum of 2-3 teams in their accumulated bets, which are favorites. The higher exchange rate means a higher risk

The more bets you put into your coupon, the more likely the match will not end as you would expect. Always remember that one wrong choice can ruin your battery.